Continuous presses production Bergamo

Continuous presses

Continuous presses are used for the processing of fats and oil seeds. The machines are made with high quality materials which are perfectly constructed and calibrated, and their robust framework is resistant to the manufacturing process and to more strenuous activities.

The pressure shaft is linked to a gear motor with parallel axes with dimensions according to the strength of the motor and the size of the machine. Assembled on top of that is a helix kit, made of highly wear-resistant materials. The processing cage is assembled with different types of shims, depending on the materials processed and the customer requirements.

The pressure cone is activated by a hydraulic cylinder, which allows it to advance in a way that prevents the expulsion of the usual residues from the processing cage and above all to reduce the oily residue of the material entering the lowest levels.

The machine is completely automatic, it’s controlled by an electronic system, which controls the dosage of the material and regulates the absorption of the motor and the force of the pressure cone, in this way it is possible for us to obtain a perfect production cycle that is automatically regulated.

We make four different types of continuous presses:

  • M750
  • M1050
  • M1150
  • M1250